There are hundreds benefits of reading newspaper regularly. Reading newspapers not only provide information and general knowledge but will also widen your outlook and will enrich your knowledge. This process of attaining information related to country or whatever do takes a lot of time. We were able to find ourselves two different yet same news application for your smart phone with quickest reading format. Let’s begin the review of WrapUp.

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App Details

  • Size – 4.76 MB
  • Version – 1.0.27
  • Updated on – Jul 15, 2016
  • 10k + downloads
  • 4.8 rating on Play Store


I like the idea behind this news reading application. Just like Inshorts, this app gives you the crispy news in shortest way possible. Both the apps here are different yet same. Different in the sense that WrapUp presents news in 5 bullets points which makes reading quickest and understanding easy. For the time when you are in hurry or does not want to spend your time reading long paragraphs in daily newspaper, this application is for you. This news deserves it’s place in our must have list.

User Interface

Talking about the UI, WrapUp does stand out in the crowd of other news reading application. The app is beautifully designed. The homepage of the app consists of a big main news card which consist of recently wrapped news of a particular category. Below this card, there are numbers of other card which can be seen by swiping. The UI is simple and does not distract you from your favorite trending news. Categorization of the news makes it easy for accessing or personalizing your news feed. Overall we are satisfied with the look and functionality of this app.

You can touch the setting icon on the top right of the app for accessing different categories and changing experience of reading news as per your need.


What does this App offers ?

  • 5 crisp bullet points, the quickest readable format to read and retain information
  • News from all sources at one place
  • Read your favorite news in offline mode too. When your app is once opened with internet connection, all the articles gets stored in offline mode. You can read those article at any time without depending on your internet.
  • Night mode makes it easy to read news in dark room
  • Functionality of increasing font size of the app

Download this application from here.


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