Visa is transforming payments and now wants you to #ReimagineIndia

Visa is one of the largest and most trusted payment technology company. The company has just launched their…

Visa is one of the largest and most trusted payment technology company. The company has just launched their latest brand campaign called #ReimagineIndia. India is inclining towards digital world much greater than ever with increasing number of users who are going digital. For this new age Digital India, Visa thinks that unstoppable Indians reimagining India and so does the Visa by reimagining the payment.

India is leaping into the future with much higher velocity. The new, digital Indian is progressive, boundary-pushing and wants to be unbound from anything that slows them down. The youth do not recognize barriers and want to use technology to lead a frictionless life.  Watch the VISA #ReimagineIndia video series (video below) showcasing the new and progressive outlook of the Indian youth.

#ReimagineIndia campaign by Visa

Shot in a narrative manner, the video showcases how these six Indians are re-imagining India and using Visa to make things simpler and hassle-free for them. Visa’s new ‘Reimagine India’ launch brings you imaginative and unbound payment experiences, like never before.

The video captures how the living space is transforming around us, right from changing the outlook of using public spaces and fitness beyond walls to celebrating festivals in a noiseless way and staying close to nature through urban gardening.

To power this revolution, Visa is making lives simpler by transforming the way India pays. Share how you ‘#ReimagineIndia’ in your own unique ways; how you redefine your living space – your way of thinking, living, traveling, working, doing household chores, shopping, helping the society, pursuing a hobby or simply having fun! You can share your own inspiring ideas or stories, or of the wonderful people around you in a text, photos, videos or memes on your social media channels. Don’t forget to add #ReimagineIndia and tag Visa India to your post on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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