UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones Review: A Headphones that double as Speaker

The headphones market are getting more and more competitive now and the newer companies entering this saturated market had to have “something different” if they’re looking to stand out. One such brand is UltraProLink which has hybrid headphones in its audio product lineup called UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones. Now, it’s not just hybrid for the sake of name instead the headphones can double as a speaker.

On paper, the headphones seem a little interesting so I decided to try it out personally. UltraProLink Flick Wireless Headphones is up for grabs for INR 3,999. At this price, there are tons of impressive headphones (speaking of impressive, have you checked out our HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset review?) out there. Is UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones able to steal the spotlight? Let’s jump right into this review to find out more.

Design and Build

UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones Review

UltraProLink Flick Hybrid Headphones looks like any other typical Bluetooth headphones. It is completely made up of plastic but it does not feel cheap at all. In terms of design, everything is very minimal here with a black finish all over the product. You’ll find all the controls on the right earcups while on the left side you will find the UltraProLink branding in white. Apart from the left earcup, there is a company branding on the top of the headband too.

The Flick headphones do look and feel a little big thanks to that large earcup size which is kinda expected since it also doubles as a speaker. Inside the box, you will also get an Aux cable for connectivity if you’re not feeling good about the Bluetooth for some reasons.


UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones Review

One thing which I really like is the fact that the company decided to focus more on comfort. The headphones are very lightweight even though it doubles as a speaker which is very impressive. The brand has added a high-quality cushion on the headband to give you that extra comfort.

I generally use my headphones or earphones for a longer duration. Surprisingly, I was able to use these headphones for continuous hours without any discomfort which is good. Although the cushions on earcups are not up to the mark and might give you a little trouble.

Overall, I totally liked the comfort which these headphones are providing and it is definitely good for those who tend to wear their audio products for longer durations.

Headphones Plus Speakers

UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones Review

The feature which makes these headphones different from all the other ones is the fact that it can double as speakers too. UltraProLink is touting this feature extensively on its product page. To convert it into the speaker mode, all you have to do it is flip the earcups to the other side and you will start hearing music from the speakers. I love the fact that the transition of this feature is very easy and smooth.

The thing is in my daily usage I didn’t use this “hybrid” feature that extensively and this might be the case for you too. It’s good to have such unusual yet different features for the purpose of flaunting or trying something new but your sole decision should not be on the bases of it alone.

Performance/Sound Quality

UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones Review

Coming to the most important aspect of any headphones, let’s talk about the sound quality. I tried listening to almost all the type of popular music genres and so far the headphone did a decent job. The sound quality is not that impressive though but it isn’t that worse either. In my opinion, the sound quality of these headphones sits right in the middle of the scale.

Coming to the speakers, it does have a loud output but due to this, the audio does get compromised a little. Personally, I liked the audio of headphones more than that of speakers. At this price, you will definitely be able to get much better audio output from other popular headphones brands.

Final Verdict

UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones Review

It’s time for the final thoughts of UltraProLink Flick Wireless Hybrid Headphones. The two things at which this product did an excellent job is the comfort of course and the transition between the speaker & headphones itself. I am still very unsure about the fact that whether the majority of the users will need that two in one hybrid feature or not.

If you’re looking for trying out something different, then you might want to give this headphone a go. But if you’re solely looking for a decent audio quality then I would suggest you to explore more.

Thanks for scrolling this article until the end. If you want to share something which we might have missed then comment it down. We would love to hear your opinions.

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