These two Android browsers can change the way you surf Internet

  Everyone knows what a browser is and what it does. It is basically a software through which…


Everyone knows what a browser is and what it does. It is basically a software through which you can access web pages. When someone says browsers two names come to mind – Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. They have been dominating the entire browser world for a very long time. It’s now that we have various other small companies joining the game with a pinch of innovation. Browsers like Brave and Vivaldi does give you a better alternative for web surfing.

On the other hand, you have a very limited choice on mobile platforms. I mean there are tons of browsers floating on the Play Store but most of them are just the rip off version of Chrome and Firefox. On top of that, Privacy is a huge concern so using those browsers might be a bad decision for you. Apart from the legacy browsers i.e Chrome and Firefox, UC is another popular option for you. Personally speaking, I don’t like this browser at all. For starters, the User Experience is pretty bad thanks to the integrated UC news, frequently annoying notifications and not so great design. In terms of privacy, many firms have already claimed that UC sends your precious data to the homeland anonymously.

But what if I tell you that there are some browsers which literally changes the way you surf the web. They are not the fully fledged browsers yet and certainly as of now cannot compete for the likes of the Legacy Browsers. They do offer some innovating ways to search the web and that is what convinces me to work on this article.

Cake Web Browser

Cake Web Browsers

Cake Web Browsers is a new mobile browser app with a unique take on mobile browsing. This app was launched somewhere in the month of January. This browser changes the whole mobile web browsing experience. Basically what the browser does is it improves the way you search on Google, Bing or any other search engine. It gives you a more interactive way than your traditional browsers.

When you enter a search query, instead of displaying the regular results page, Cake will display you the most relevant website. You’ll then be able to swipe through others websites as if they were pictures in a gallery. You can search videos, images, news, and shopping in the similar fashion way. The UI here is pretty sleek and attractive. Using the browser and navigating to various settings or features is super easy. I am using this browser for more than a week now and I am liking it more than ever. You might need to get used to it at first but after that, you will like the concept here.

The app is currently in beta testing mode and it does need a lot of improvements. It still can not be used as a daily driver. The browser is also buggy and I experienced a number of quirks in my brief time playing with it. All of this expected as the application is in the early stage. Cake browser needs a lot of work on this intriguing concept.

In conclusion, Cake can be the best browser which just changed the way we do mobile browsing. I am enjoying using this beautiful, super easy browser.  You should definitely check out this video by Cake for more and better understanding.

Smooz Web Browsers

Smooz Browser

This is another browser which can change your surfing experience a lot. This is the browser which I have been using for over a week now. I came across this application while I was searching Play Store for some new amazing applications for another article. Cake browser changes the way you use the search engine but Smooz takes stuff to the browser level. With Smooz, you can literally browse with one hand thanks to the various gestures.

There are lots of gestures which makes web surfing and using web browsers pretty easy and fun. For instance, you can switch tabs just by swiping left or right. Want to open a link in new tab? Just hold the link and it will automatically get open in new tab. Super easy, right? There is a gesture to call function also. Another feature which might be helpful for some is Auto Tab Management. In this feature, your old tabs will get close automatically after a certain period of time. You can also see other people reactions to a certain web page.

Combining all the above features, the browser does work pretty well. All these features and gestures improve user experience to a large extent. Now, Imagine the combination of Cake and Smooz browser. The amalgam of this two browser can result in a browser which can just compete with the likes of Firefox and Chrome.

It’s been a long time since we have seen any new improvements in terms of interface and experience on Chrome and Firefox. On Android, Firefox is still the same. Nothing new. No new UI. No new interactive elements. Nothing. Same applies to Chrome. Although, Chrome beta does offer a change in design and it’s pretty sleek and minimal. And the biggest of all, both of these browsers haven’t tried to change the way we browse.

I would love to see more apps like Cake and Smooz. In terms of mobile browsing, we really need a great browser which not just work blazing fast but makes your experience a fun one.

That was all for this article. I will suggest you check out these two browsers. Use it. Share your views with us in the comment section below.

Thanks for scrolling this article until the end. If you want to share something which we might have missed then comment it down. We would love to hear your opinions.

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