Transformers by a Father Son Duo!!

Finally, a thing to give you goosebumps…Transformers is the movie seen by one and all but lived by…

Finally, a thing to give you goosebumps…Transformers is the movie seen by one and all but lived by a father-son duo namely Gennadiy Kocherga and Sergey. The duo has converted their old VAZ-2110 Lada (a car made by Russian automaker avtoVAZ from 1995 to 2009) into real life working transformer, fully loaded with automatic weapons and secret compartments.

It is a slight variation of the Optimus Prime character from the comic movie franchise. The old automobile is named “Optimus Gennadievich Praimov”.

Gennadiy Kocherga and his son Sergey spent almost six months turning their Lada into their own version of the popular movie franchise. Mr. Kocherga senior told “It looks like a world-class car, it can drive and shoot, it performs the same tricks as seen in the film, in the cartoons.

“Primov” can perform a transformation from a car into a robot in seconds. The robot is also equipped with two machine-guns and, according to his creator, is capable of all the stunts performed by his prototype in movies and cartoons.

Why Was VAZ-2110 Chosen??

Transformers by a Father Son Duo!!


The prototype of the Lada 110, known as the 300 series, was created in 1987 and optimized for aerodynamics in Zuffenhausen, Germany, in cooperation between AvtoVAZ and Porsche engineers.[1] The first photos of the new compact car were published in the popular monthly magazine Za Rulem in November 1990.The car itself was demonstrated at the AvtoVAZ Togliatti factory in 1991.

Transformers by a Father Son Duo!!

The Lada 110 featured a 1.6-liter engine producing approximately 90 hp (67 kW). Production began with 8 valves, and subsequently, 16 valve motors. Overall, the car weighed around 1050 kilos (2315 lb). It had electric windows, trip computer, power steering, and galvanized body panels. Fuel-injected models were equipped with electronic engine management system.[4]

In early 2006, new taillights and a new dashboard were introduced.In 2002 the car was awarded zero stars out of a possible four by the Russian ARCAP safety assessment program.The car was very successful in the domestic Russian market.



Transformers by a Father Son Duo!!

Gennadiy Kocherga and Sergey have decided to take this project to the whole new level.They have announced to build two new cars by the next year. “The next year, we plan to build another two cars, based on the same concept. We already have a lot of quirky ideas”, said the duo.

At the last what I think is that the invention is really a cool one but practically not much useful until further improvement yet can be used at stunt shows and design competitions. This can become motivation for other fellow designers who can also come up with some mind boggling transformers.



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