A Song Specially Engineered To Make Your Baby Happy

A crying baby is the one who can really transform your peaceful and delightful day into a distressed one. And the worst part is the inability to calm the little one down.

You will be able to find a good amount of Spotify playlists which claims to calm your baby and stop their crying. (Yeah !! But that doesn’t happen, though)

While we were all struggling to find a way to bring an end to the distressing sight of a crying baby, A group of experts was designing a song for the same purpose. The song is called “The Happy Song”. It is scientifically experimented and proved the fact that you can see a cute and joyful smile on your baby face just by this powerful song.

Cow & Gate (a U.K. baby food manufacturer) asked Caspar Addyman, an expert in child development at Goldsmiths University of London, and Lauren Stewart, a musical psychologist at the same university, to come up with a scientifically proven song to make babies happy.

The conversation reported “The top ten sounds included ‘boo!’ (66%), raspberries (57%), sneezing (51%), animal sounds (23%) and baby laughter (28%). We also know babies respond better to ‘plosive’ vocal sounds like ‘pa’ and ‘ba’ compared to ‘sonorant’ sounds like ‘la’.”  These are the sounds which baby like and therefore is used in this song too.

After several pieces of research, the base and concept for the song were ready and all they need was a perfect singer who can convert this into a magical masterpiece.  Imogen Heap, who is also a mother of 18 months old child, created a melody using all the findings.
The result of their team is a song which does work (that’s impressive, isn’t it? ). “We assembled about 20 of the babies in one room and played them the song altogether. […] When ‘The Happy Song’ played, we were met by a sea of entranced little faces,” writes Dr Addyman for The Conversation.

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“We are planning to use the song in a range of experiments looking at how parents introduce their babies to music and hope to look more in-depth at babies’ physiological responses to happy music.”

You can have a look at this song down below. Maybe you’ll get yourself singing along too


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