Samsung Working on a 7-inch Smartphone

Samsung has already launched a lot of devices in its J series family. And now they are working on the 13th lineup but this time they are not following regular trending of naming like J1, J3 or J5. This time the device is called  J Max sounds like Mi Max. Mi Max was launched with 6.44 inch of display size while Samsung they are taking things one step further by gigantic 7-inch display.

This device is going to be classified as a phone due to its purported dual-SIM capabilities and support for a broad range of International carrier bands, including GSM, HSDPA, and LTE.

That is the only information we have right now. However, it’s more than likely that we’ll be hearing a little more about this device as it undergoes all of the required tests to hit the shelves, including receiving both Bluetooth and FCC certification — so be sure to stay tuned to TechFAE for all the latest information.

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