Reach the next dimension of advanced controllability:Asimov Robotics Cool Arm Manipulator

CooL Arm Manipulator ASIMoV’s manipulators(CooL Arm) are known for its modular approach of assembling and delivering the customer…
Cool arm manipulator by Asimov Robotics can pretty much be used at research and industrial level.
Asimov Robotics- Cool arm manipulator

CooL Arm Manipulator

ASIMoV’s manipulators(CooL Arm) are known for its modular approach of assembling and delivering the customer specific solutions at lightening speed. Being configurable in different ways makes it possible to address wide range of applications in performing robotic tasks. Additionally, multiple degrees of freedom enables it to reach around obstacles and manipulate objects with high precision. Above all, their property of kinematic redundancy enables the placement of the tool at a desired position and orientation within its workspace with higher precision. Combined with 3D visualization, reasoning, and control software, the CooL Arm  Manipulator reaches the next dimension of advanced controllability. You can control it remotely with a networking software through a local area network or the Internet.

Here’s the link, watch this amazing piece of robotics handling jobs.

Cool Arm’s Configurations

ASIMoV Robotics currently provides thirteen different configurations of robotic arm manipulators based on varying degrees of freedom and payload. Each of the manipulators are designed using custom made brackets to address the workspace constraints and the requirements. Dynamixel servos, built specifically with robotics in mind, drive the manipulator. Controllability via windows and being ROS enabled, CooL arm manipulators finds its place not only in research but also in commercial domain. Furthermore the availability of their precise CAD models makes it compatible with numerous simulation environments such as V-REP and Gazebo. Overall, with all the aforesaid options, CooL Arm manipulators stands out unique and is a perfect fit for any research or customized commercial solutions.

CooL Arm is available in the following variants:

Cool Arm Variant DOF Payload(in gms)

Cool Arm Elite 5D 5 350
Cool Arm 6D 250 6 250
Cool Arm 6D 400 6 400
Cool Arm 7D 350 7 350
Cool Arm 7D 1000 7 1000
Cool Arm 7D 5000 7 5000

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