OpenROV Trident – An Underwater Drone for Everyone

Maker’s views Trident has a unique design that combines the versatility and control of an ROV (Remotely Operated…

Maker’s views

Trident has a unique design that combines the versatility and control of an ROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle) and the efficiency of an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). It can fly in long, straight survey lines called “transects” as well as perform delicate maneuvers in tight spaces, all while maintaining a sleek and powerful form factor.

Trident is easy to use and comes ready to go. Most importantly, it is incredibly fun to fly. (Flying really is the best term, because that’s exactly what it feels like when you’re piloting.)

Technical specifications
Depth: Capable of 100m (will ship with a 25m tether – longer tethers will be sold separately)
Mass: 2.9 kg
Top Speed: 2 m/s
Run Time: 3 hours
Trident Dimensions
The data connection to Trident is a major evolution from the connection set up of the original OpenROV kit. It uses a neutrally buoyant tether to communicate to a towable buoy on the surface (radio waves don’t travel well in water) and the buoy connects to the pilot using a long range WiFi signal.
You can connect to the buoy and control Trident using a tablet or laptop from a boat or from the shore, hey isn’t that coool…..


Well according to the makers of Trident, they always try to’ make the easiest, most intuitive telerobotic control system possible. We have embraced the latest emerging internet standards from HTML5 and webRTC to WebVR and WebGL to deliver a rich piloting experience through just a browser that runs on laptops, tablets, and modern mobile devices’.



In each of the reward levels for a Trident, the basic package will include:

Trident. The actual drone, ready-to-dive.
A 25m (82 ft) tether. There’s a lot to see in the first 25m of depth. For many people, that will be enough. Tethers will be removable and upgradeable if you need to go deeper.
A wifi topside buoy. The tether connects to a wifi topside buoy. You can use this to control the ROV remotely by setting it on the water or just leaving it on the boat or dock.
Batteries. Trident comes with onboard LiFePO4 batteries, providing a run-time of over 3 hours.

Add on Offers 

ADVENTURE SET ADD ON* (add $350 to any pledge level):
*You can always get this later if you’re not sure. Or only add for either the hard case or longer tether.

Hard Case. ($100 Add On) Trident will come in a sturdy package/box, but the Adventure Set will have a hard case for travel and shipment.
100m Tether. ($250 Add On) Know you want to go deep? Get the 100m tether right out of the gate.

The Way I look at Open ROV Trident

So after all such aspects I’ve known about OPEN ROV TRIDENT  I think it’s the best buy into given budget, that if you are really an underwater geek or carry some interest in underwater exploration then it’s the perfect gear that u should have.

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