Nest Hub Max: Google’s new 10-inch Assistant Smart Display

At its annual developer’s conference, Google added a new member to its lineup of Assistant home devices – The Google Nest Hub Max. Google has basically renamed its entire Assistant device family which now falls under the Nest branding with the Google Nest Hub Max being the first member.
It is basically a 10-inch version of the existing Google Home Hub with some updated features.

Google Nest Hub Max

What is the Nest Home Max?

The Nest Home Max is a Google Assistant-powered 10-inch touchscreen display with stereo speakers. It features a built-in Nest Cam for making Duo calls. The last year’s Google Home Hub with a 7-inch smart display was liked and appreciated because of its beautiful screen and adorable design. This year’s updated Google Nest Hub Max also features a display mounted on a fabric covered pedestal. The larger design of the Nest Hub Max should make it a better multimedia device. The major upgrade we see is a wide-angle camera at the front of the Google Nest Hub Max and stereo speakers compared to a single speaker on the Google Home Hub. This helps in pumping out louder and better-sounding music than the previous hub.

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Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max: Here’s Everything you need to know

Just like the original Google Home Hub, you get the usual but impressive Google assistant features. Google will show extra info on the screen. You’ll see the forecast when you ask about the weather and pictures of restaurants will appear if you search for a place to eat. Aside from Google’s virtual assistant, inside the Nest Hub Max is a smart home control system that lets you ask the Assistant to turn on smart lights, adjust thermostats, and play music all from one device. It also supports thread similarly to Nest Connect, so it can control thread-compatible, low-power devices like smart door locks.

Google Nest Hub Max

Google Nest Hub Max: Cameras, Features

The camera offers tons of features to the Nest Home Max. The tiny 6.5MP camera has a 127-degree field of view and sits at the top the display which can work just like a Nest home security camera, allowing you to see what’s going on in your home even when you’re out. The camera supports facial recognition which allows you to get personalized notifications. You can make video calls from a bunch of different devices, including iOS mobile devices and any PC that has a Chrome browser. The camera will also follow you as you talk and move around its field of view. There is also an option to switch off the camera and to mute the mic. On the back of the display, we get a small switch that physically deactivates the device’s camera. A green indicator light shows when the camera is active. 

Google Nest Hub Max

You also get motion alerts and notifications when the camera detects an unknown person in your home – the camera can recognize gestures. At Google I/O, the company showed that you can raise your hand, and the Home Max will pause music or whatever you’re listening or watching. You can then perform the same gesture to resume play.

Google Nest Hub Max: Price, Availability

The Google Nest Hub Max only comes in charcoal and chalk colour options.  The Nest Home Max will cost $229 and will be available later this summer. A direct competitor to this is the Amazon Echo Show which comes at the same price but can be availed at much cheaper price tag during the sale. The Nest Hub(Google Home Hub) will remain available, but it will now cost $129 (down from $149).

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