Interact Socially With Others in Real Time feat. Mixr

Introduction Having a good social life always turns out more beneficial for your personality and thus enhance your…


Having a good social life always turns out more beneficial for your personality and thus enhance your professional career. There are more than a hundred benefits of having a good social life. Well, I can’t tell you about it because this article is not for that purpose. Today, I have an app which is definitely going to help you out in boosting your social spirit. With the help of Mixr, you can literally ignite your social life.


Mixr is a kind of different app in itself. An innovative mobile app that lets you discover and connect with amazing people, groups and communities near you via instant messaging. It is basically an amalgam of Tinder and WhatsApp. It works like a dating app but instead of setting you up with random hookups or romantic interludes, it will connect you with amazing and cool people sharing the same interest with you.

First of all, it’s not one of those dating apps so don’t worry about your privacy. You are safer than ever with this app. Mixr is different from Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter in a way that you can actually meet new people not just on the internet but in real-time too. You are not sharing your interest with already existing friends but getting open up to a new set of people. The app does promote a real-time fun, party or what not.

We are so obsessed with sharing new pics in Instagram or stories in Snapchat that we are confine to small limited friend circle. There is a need to widen that circle and this app shares a concept which helps you do that. Mixr is an app for our generation.

The uniqueness of this app is the main reason that I am writing about it and I would like you to try it out for once and see what changes it will bring.

How to use Mixr ??

Well, of course, you will have to set up a profile first to start using this ultimate app. Setting up your profile in Mixr is pretty easy. Mixr uses your Facebook credentials thus with one single tap, your profile gets created automatically.

After completing your profile, you will have to create a gang or group. Invite your friends to join your group. As soon as you will have two members, your gang will become public which means another group can see you and can share their desire to mix with you. Mixr allows you to team up with your friends before meeting with strangers which not only increases your confidence but also makes this app more safer.

You can see nearby groups using the browse tab on the top left corner of the app. You can see various groups which share a particular type of interest. If you want to join them then just simply tap on Yay! If both you and that group say Yay! to each other, Mixr will connect you.

In my case, I found a group which shares the same interest as me. For the love of food, I tapped Yay! to them. What is going to happen? Most probably after joining them, I am going to share some delicious foods. Everything will ultimately lead to a meet-up. That’s what the developers of this app want. They want you to meet new people in real-time.

Interact Socially With Others in Real Time feat. Mixr
Meet with new Gangs with like-minded people on Mixr

Well, I don’t have any mix right now in my app. But Yeah! you can check your mix here.

Technical Details:

  • Size of the app – 7mb
  • Version – 0.0.32
  • Last updated on – Oct 24, 2016
  • 500+ downloads in Play Store
  • Offered by ” Palatable Technologies”
  • 4.6 rating in Play Store

Download and Contact Info

I am enjoying this app so can you. You can download this app via this link.

If you have any suggestion for this app, you can get your words directly to developers

Mixr FB Page | Mixr Insta Page

You can contact them via email too


Don’t forget to rate this app on our article and play store too. Do let us know in comments what do you think of this app.


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