Leaf Wireless Earphones Review – A budget wireless earphones by an Indian brand

Looking for a budget earphones with decent sound quality is a nightmare if you ask me. I spend…

Looking for a budget earphones with decent sound quality is a nightmare if you ask me. I spend the entire two days searching for perfect wireless earphones and then deciding with which one to go ahead. Through that search, I came to know about a brand Leaf Studios and their new budget Leaf Wireless Earphones.

Leaf Wearables is the brand very well known for their smart jewelry that had an emergency SOS button. And now the same brand is back with Bluetooth wireless earphones. There are tons of brand making tons of headphones but what makes Leaf Studios stand out from the rest? Well, for starters, it is an Indian brand co-founded by a group of IITians.

But that alone isn’t enough. So, here is our review of Leaf Wireless Earphones.

Leaf Wireless earphones come in four colours – Carbon Black, Cool Blue, White and Neon Green. You can get the earphones from Amazon.in as well as company’s own website for 2,499 INR.  


The second most important thing which matters a lot in earphones is its Design and Build Quality. Surprisingly, the brand is able to pull off both the aspects just perfectly. Let’s talk about the design of the earphones first. Most of the wireless earphones come with similar design and so does this one. Leaf Wireless earphones come with a flat cable which is a great thing for all the tangled-earphones haters out there. The quality of the cable used is also at par. 

All the basic control of the earphone is on the right earbud part while the left one doesn’t have any kind of buttons. I liked the circley shining pattern on the earphones which gives it a premium and sturdy look. Just below the pattern, you will see a leaf logo engraved on the earphones. That’s it. That’s all you will see on the earphones.

Leaf Wireless Earphones looks pretty good as compared to the other earphones in the same budget segment. On top of that, the build quality is also good and does not feel like any cheap product. The key to the perfect fitting of any earphones is the right size of earbuds. With this earphones, you will get three standard size earbuds. So check em all out and find the perfect fit for your ears.

Controls and Connectivity

If I talk about the controls and button placement on these earphones, I can say that I kind of like the button placement. As I already mentioned, you will find all the controls and buttons on the right earcup. The circle pattern, which I was talking about earlier, is pressable on the right side. You can control power on/off using that button and can also control music playback. The same button doubles up as a handsfree call controller. Leaf Wireless Earphones has all the standard buttons which earphones can have.

All the buttons gave good tactical feedback and work perfectly fine. After a few days of use, you will get used to the button placement. I was able to practically control the buttons without even looking at them or trying to find them with my hands.

Moving to the Bluetooth connectivity, it’s pretty simple to connect your earphones just like most of the earphones out there. I have used these earphones for almost a month now and haven’t faced any issue with connectivity. There’s absolutely no lag between the audio and video during playback. 

These earphones can stream up to a range of 10-15 feet which is pretty good. The microphones quality is pretty good on this earphones. I have used these earphones for talking on a lot of calls and no one really complained about the bad quality.

Audio Experience

Jumping on the main aspect of any earphones or headphones. The audio experience on these earphones is pretty good. I already told you that there was no lag during the playback. I listened to songs on Spotify Premium as well as Saavn Pro, both of them gives best audio quality. The vocals are crisp and clear, there’s good differentiation between each instrument and the audio isn’t clustered. 

If you are a bass lover, then these earphones will surprise you. The earphones come with super bass technology as the brand calls it. I sometimes find excessive bass on these earphones which makes listening to the song a bit of a challenge for me.

Leaf Wireless Earphones Review

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To my surprise, there is a very minimum sound leak on these earphones. The sound leak is a problem when you are listening to music and everyone around you can also hear what you’re listening to. Sound leak on these earphones happens only when the volume is full high from both the earphones and your device.

Leaf Studios has nailed most of the aspects of these earphones right. From design & build to audio quality, everything till now works just fine. For this price point, the sound quality is decent and it will not let you down.

Battery Life and other details

A good battery life on decent wireless earphones is like icing on the cake. The product has surprised us in many different areas and no wonder, it excels the battery life too. It has an inbuilt 75mAh battery inside. As advertised, Leaf Wireless Earphones comes with 8hr battery life and 150 hrs of standby battery.

These earphones have killer battery backup for this pricing. I don’t know but I was getting more than 8hr of music playback. On top of that, the earphones take around 1hr30min to get completely which is again a great thing.

Another which I forgot to mention earlier is that the earphones are sweat resistant and weather resistant too. These earphones can accompany you in gym sessions as well as during the rain. The earphones come in a small bag which has earphones itself, earbuds and USB cable for charging in it.


Leaf Wireless Earphones Review

Now coming to the biggest question. Should you spend your 2,500 bucks on this product? Well, there is no single answer to this. The product did pretty well in most of the aspects. The design and build factor are good, so does the battery backup and audio experience. The only downside I found was that earphones weren’t comfortable at least for me. For long usage, I found these earphones uncomfortable. It is more like a personal preference. There is a good chance you will find these earphones comfortable. My colleagues at TechFAE found this comfortable.

Lastly, the product is a little bit overpriced according to me. It should be priced around 1800-2100 INR but again for even 2500, you would not get decent wireless earphones. I will suggest you take the benefit of lightning deals on Amazon. In lightening deals, you will be able to get that product somewhere between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 2300. Lightning deal on Amazon happens every now and then.

You can also get flat Rs. 250 off by signing up on the company’s official website and shopping from there. This offer might end soon so you better hurry up. For those who have missed this very offer, you can use the coupon “Amit10” during the checkout for a 10% discount while shopping from the leafstudios.in 

Thanks for scrolling this article until the end. If you want to share something which we might have missed then comment it down. We would love to hear your opinions.

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