It’s time Indian IT Institutions bid goodbye to the outdated coding languages

India has one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world. In this vast economy, IT sector…

India has one of the fastest growing economies in the entire world. In this vast economy, IT sector plays a huge role. Indian IT service sector contributes for 9.5% country’s GDP and gives employment to 3.7 million people across the world.

Looking at the figures, it’s pretty clear how strong Indian IT sector is. But the shortage of skilled employees has become a major obstacle. According to the recent studies done by Aspiring Minds, a whopping 95% of engineers are unfit for high-level programming jobs. This alarming rate clearly suggests that Indian engineers lack the necessary skills and knowledge.

At the time when IT demands are evolving rapidly and companies are looking for skilled employees more than ever, Indian engineers are missing the global opportunities.

It’s a high time now for Indian Education to rapidly evolve and completely change the way the system works. Letting go of outdated languages could be the first step towards the transformation.

What are the current states of affairs in the country? 

Today, technology is making its way into our lives deeper than ever. Almost everything we do somehow somewhere connects to technology. Every major company in any sector is turning itself into tech company one way or another. Processes like manufacturing, recruiting, operations, accounting and more are becoming tech-driven. Not only that, even the consumers now depend on technology more than ever.

With so many innovations happening all over the world, the rise of technology is not going to end. This large dependence on technology needs a large number of skilled employees. This can only happen if students start learning about IT at school levels.

India needs good programmers and software engineers and that can only happen if students start learning fundamentals of programming and computers at the school level.

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But, there is a much bigger problem. The lack of good teachers in Indian education system. A talented programmer or coders rarely choose teaching as a profession due to the fact they. Instead, working at a tech company or a startup gives him Rs20-30 lakh (around $31,000 to $46,000) per annum.

The lack of quality teachers, resources, and quality of skills taught in universities decreases further and further.

What’s wrong with the Indian Education? 

Let’s talk about coding or programming being taught in high schools of India. Students opt for an optional subject in which they are taught basic of C++ programming language. Now, there are two things wrong here. First of all, the subject of the computer is optional. It should be compulsory. Second thing, schools are taking two big fat years teaching them the basics. If these two years are utilized properly, some good level of education can be given to the students.

Now jumping to the undergraduate level of studies. In Indian curriculum, students learn the basic level of C programming (Precisely, it is even lower than the basic level) in the first year. Summarising what they learn in their undergraduate studies, C/C++ language, and Java.

The interesting fact is that these two languages are the outdated one. According to the recent stats by Hacker Rank, Indian coders are still stuck with the traditional programming languages.

I agree these languages are important and they offer a very good idea on fundamentals of the computer but at the end they are verbose.

High time to reinvent the education

There is a need to focus on newer languages such as Python, Javascript, Ruby, Golang, CPP, Lisp or Racket. These languages use fewer words, are elegant, and easy to understand. On top of that, this language helps a lot in areas like big data, Artifical Intelligence (AI), Robotics and Machine Learning. These are the fields which are increasing more attention and is supposed to be the game-changer in the field of technology.

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Indian IT institutes should encourage students to form more clubs related to programming and other fields. These clubs are the backbone and will impart necessary skills and experience. They can also focus on newer programming languages, actual coding, and more practical knowledge. Technical talks, events, conferences, workshops will help them learn more. Students should be given the chance to contribute with the professors in research work.

Beleive it or not. It is really a high time for Indian education as well as students to make necessary changes. Otherwise, Indian students are going to miss the whole other world of opportunities.

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