HyperX Cloud Stinger Review: Impressive Entry-Level Gaming Headset

When it comes to gaming products or peripherals, Kingston’s sub-brand HyperX has got some amazing products in its lineup, capable of offering impressive price to performance ratio. One of the products which I personally fell in love with was the HyperX’s Cloud headset. For those who’re unaware, HyperX Cloud is one of the popular gaming headsets through which the company made its name in the headphone space.

Following into the footsteps of Cloud, HyperX Cloud Stinger is yet another affordable gaming headphone with superb craftsmanship. Priced at INR 4,690, this is the company’s least expensive gaming headphones in the market right now. Thanks to the HyperX India Team, we’ve got a chance to play with this piece of hardware and here is what we think of it.

HyperX Cloud Stinger comes in a single colour option which is black and as mentioned earlier, is available on Amazon.in for a price tag of INR 4,690 at the time of writing this review. You can also get it for as low as INR 3,999 during sale offers.

Design and Features

HyperX Cloud Stinger

HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a very typical and a somewhat ordinary design which is quite expected considering the price point. There is a signature X design across the cans on the outside. With that, HyperX went with the full black matte finish to tone with the red signature mark. Since it is a gaming headset, there is a microphone on the left side which by the way is not detachable so forget the portability which you were probably looking for. Speaking of the microphone, you can easily mute it by flipping it up.

There is no RGB lighting or other similar gimmicks to show off which is totally understandable since the company is focussing on budget consumers. The headphone cable is about 4 feet long and is permanent. To make the product affordable, the company went with the rubber coating on the cable instead of braided design as seen on expensive HyperX headset.

HyperX Cloud Stinger
HyperX Cloud Stinger

Inside the box, you will also get a y-splitter cable in case you want to connect the headphones to the old desktop computer. On the bottom right ear cup, you will find a volume slider which works very smoothly. In my extensive usage, I found no problem with the slider whatsoever. Unlike other headphones, you will not get any carrying case or extra pads for earcups. In my opinion, HyperX should have added an extra pair of pads.

Build Quality

HyperX Cloud Stinger

The moment you will hold this gaming headset, you’ll come to know that it’s a budget product. Most of this headphone is built from a decent quality plastic. Fortunately, the headband as well as the adjustment arms, on the other hand, is made up of stainless steel.

The ear pads feel cheaper and rougher than the synthetic leather but it still manages to give a sturdy feeling. On top of that, the foam inside is also of great quality.

In conclusion, HyperX did an amazing job in the build quality of the Cloud Stinger. At this price point, the headset feels solid and even though the material is plastic, you’ll not feel that light cheapness using it.


HyperX Cloud Stinger

A headphone with an impressive sound performance is actually not that great if its comfort is on the poor side. Although we haven’t yet talked about the sound quality of the Cloud Stinger, let’s first jump into comfort. HyperX Cloud Stinger is definitely on the top-tier in terms of comfort quality. You get 12 clicks of adjustment on the headband making this headset a highly adjustable one. No matter what the head size you have, this headphone should fit you well.

It is worth noting that the earpads used on this headset are of HyperX’s trademark memory foam which you can also found in the company’s expensive headsets. Thanks to this addition, these gaming headphones are perfect for a longer duration. In some cases, I spend hours wearing these headphones while doing my work and never felt the discomfort. Kudos to HyperX for that.

HyperX Cloud Stinger
HyperX Cloud Stinger

Speaking of ear cups, they have plenty of room inside with large openings. So, you’re not going to feel huge pressure on your ears. Personally, I have used tons of headphones ( even from the top tier brands ) with that pressure problem giving me a huge discomfort. On top of that, HyperX Cloud Stinger is a little bit heavier than the other competitors but to be honest, you’ll not find much of a difference in real time.

Performance/Sound Quality

Now, coming to the most important aspect of HyperX Cloud Stinger – Sound Quality. Before jumping to the in-depth performance review of this headphone, let me tell you that the sound quality of this thing is pretty good.

Great Precision:

HyperX Cloud Stinger comes with a 50mm direction drivers which are perfect for churning out outstanding sound precision. What this means is the audio hits directly into your ears and this feature is enough to add a decent value to the headphones.

Sound Isolation:

One thing which matters a lot in the gaming headphones is Sound Isolation. To keep your focus 100% on gaming, you need solid sound isolation in your headphones and surprisingly, the Cloud Stinger fits right in the puzzle. Even though the entry-level headsets are known for their poor sound isolation but that’s not the case with this one. I have played numerous games to try sound isolation and in one word it’s Solid.

Game Surroundings:

You can definitely use these headphones for playing FPS games since you will always be aware of your surroundings. You will be able to take quick actions whenever necessary in your games. The Cloud Stinger is going to give you a realistic and vivid experience which is always a good thing in gaming. It is worth noting that these headphones do not support any type of customisations.

Decent Bass and V-shaped signatures:

HyperX Cloud Stinger uses a V-shaped signature which is known to have boosted bass and treble frequencies, and a recessed midrange. V-shaped signatures are not that popular nowadays in favour of more warmer, more relaxed signatures. If tuning is done properly, V-shaped signatures can actually sound fun and impressive. That’s the case with the Cloud Stinger here. Coming back to the bass, it’s decent but you can not compare it to the expensive options. Judging purely on the bases of price, the bass on this thing is pretty decent. 

Microphone Quality:

Another most important aspect of gaming headphones is Microphone. Like Sound Isolation, Cheap headsets manufacturers tend to ignore the importance of Microphone quality. Fortunately, with Cloud Stinger, the Microphone is straight incredible. In terms of noise cancellation, the headphones do an amazing job.

Final Thoughts and Verdict

HyperX Cloud Stinger

If you’re okay with the V-shaped signature, a basic design and a detachable microphone, then HyperX is for you. I would recommend these headphones to those who’re strictly looking over the budget segment. You can not get a much better gaming headset under the 5k price bracket since it is giving you a solid sound quality, amazing microphone and decent comfort.

On the other hand, if you can spend more money or you’re either an advance or professional gamer, then you might want to try out the HyperX’s expensive audio products. The Cloud Stinger doesn’t offer surround sound and a few other things which become very important in pro gaming.

In last, if you don’t want to spend more than 5k on a gaming headset and doesn’t care about the flashy look, then HyperX Cloud Stinger is what you’re desperately looking for.

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