Google started rolling out its redesigned Google News app on Android

One of the key highlights of Google I/O 2018 was the announcement of the redesigned version of Google…

One of the key highlights of Google I/O 2018 was the announcement of the redesigned version of Google News for Android and iOS. The new improved Google News make use of Artificial Intelligence to bring you related piece of article. The app will replace the Google News, Play Newsstand and Weather app.

Google this time merge all of its related services into one and added a pinch of AI to make things better. The search engine giant has now started rolling out the application to the Android users. If you haven’t received the update yet don’t worry you’ll get it soon. Keep checking the app.

Google News has been redesigned completely from scratch and now comes with lots of new features. Let’s do an overview of the improved Google News.

Google News: For You tab

Google News

This tab is going to be the default view of the application and it curates content or article specially for you. You’ll see briefing written on the homepage of the app. Below that there are top five news articles for you. This top article depends on your previous searches, your interests and location.

For now, the top 5 space might not give you the content which you’ve wanted. But thanks to machine learning and AI, it will start to understand your search patterns to give you the content which you’re interested in. The more you use the app the more it will learn about you.

Google News

You can use a small news icon just behind your article headline to see the full coverage, contexts, and perspectives. If you want to save an article for later you can do that with the help of three dots right next to the small news icon. Clicking on that three dots will show you a menu from where you can save, share and rate the article. You can even hide stories from the entire publication with just a tap.

Headlines tab in Google News

Google News
Headlines tabs in the redesigned Google News

The headlines tab gives you the broader view of what’s happening around you and the world. It consists of top headlines depending on the category which you’ve selected. There are six different categories: Latest, India(in my case), World, Business, Entertainment, and Sports.

There is a slider in each category which consists of 7 trending news. Just below that, you will see other trending articles. This list keeps on increasing meaning it is an infinity load list. Since the headline tabs show you trending articles, therefore, it will not depend on which articles you see, like or follows.

Favourites Tab

Google News

As the name suggests, this tab contains all your favourite topics, sources, and articles. You can use the plus button in the bottom right corner to add more favourites. It tells Google AI about what topics you’re following and which sources you want news from. This lets Google deliver right news to you.

Newsstand Tab

Google News
Newsstand tab in the Google News

The newsstand is divided into two sub-tabs – Features and Popular. The features, as the name tells, contains features publications under different categories. For instance, A category called Tech Talk lists all the featured tech-related publications. It contains both paid and free publications.

The popular tab shows you the popular magazines, topics, and publications. You can then select them to see stories from a particular publication. You can also add them to your favourites by tapping on the star icon. If you scroll a bit more you will see Browse by category.

Overall, the redesigned Google News looks and works much better than the previous set of applications. And, the addition of Machine Learning and Google AI just made it even better.

Thanks for scrolling this article until the end. If you want to share something which we might have missed then comment it down. We would love to hear your opinions.

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