Gaming PC Price, Can you game within budget?

Our fathers used to play outdoor games like Football, Kabadi. We kids of 90’s played cricket, volleyball. But…

Our fathers used to play outdoor games like Football, Kabadi. We kids of 90’s played cricket, volleyball. But kids these days are into PC and other console gaming. Specially PC gaming has emerged to a whole different level, thanks to internet, online multiplayer gaming has changed the whole scenario. A good gaming pc is a must to get maximum out of the gaming experience. So we are going to discuss today about the gaming PC price, how much a gaming PC is going to cost you.

Pre built or Building yourself?

Most of the well known hardware brands like ASUS, Dell, HP, ACER, MSI releases insane pre built gaming pc’s every year. The aesthetic and designs of pc’s like ASUS ROG GT51CH, Alienware Area 51 will knock your socks off while taking a good look at their price tag might numb your knees as well. Not everyone can afford them, specially if your father isn’t a millionaire or you have reached at a certain level in your professional career.

So how do you game within your budget?

ROG GT51CH Gaming PC PriceMost of these pre built gaming PC price are high, because they use the best components and those are very well optimized to each other. While assembled in their factories with several high paid experts and designers they really cant cut the budget much. While we can build gaming PC’s with almost same configuration and drop a thing or two along with the aesthetics which doesn’t really effect on performance, with around 60-65% of budget. Amazed? It is actually possible if you buy all the components one by one separately and put up the whole things yourself. Building your PC is not that of a rocket science. In fact most of the users do it at some stage. Just check youtube for PC building videos, you will find literally thousands there.

Classifications over Gaming PC Price

You will find gaming PC buying guides at 500 Usd ranging to 5000 usd. What the heck? Okay you know the word ultimate doesnt have any limit, specially when you have serious hard cash to throw in. So lets break down the prices in three categories according to budget:

  • Budget PC
  • Mid Budget Rigs
  • Killer Flagship Rigs

Gaming PC Price Breakdown

Budget PC :

I would keep the amount within 500 usd for budget PC’s. These PC’s will let you play almost all the games with a decent performance. Actually 1080p gaming would be fun at this budget. 60 Frames per second for most of the popular titles like GTA V, ROTR, CS:GO is not bad right? Trust me most of the gamers still game in 1080p.

Budget Gaming PC Price
Budget Gaming PC Build

Mid Budget Rigs:

I would class the GPU heavy beasts with performance grade configurations in this range costing 500>2000 usd. Most of these rigs will have a Flagship GPU or atleast something from the high tier like 1080Ti/ 1070/ RX 580 type gpu with a 8700k, 6700k overclockable processor. Along with those a good cooling solution would be a must for overclocking.  Gaming would be super fun on these hitting the heights tiers of fps like 100-200 even on 4k monitors. I can feel the adrenaline just thinking of going through the pyramids in Assassins Creed Origins on 4k ultra-wide monitor.

Killer Flagship Rigs:

High Priced Killer Gaming RIGNot going to talk much about these today therefore what i can say at most is that they have everything flagship. Like the Intel 7950x or AMD threadripper, GPU’s like Titan series or 1080ti’s in SLI. Just the crazy builds that you can dream of.

So lets finish it for today. If you have the budget you can always spend it somewhere but you can still do decent gaming within budget. If still need suggestions to decide how much you should spend on your PC configuration, i would suggest you to read this article from PC Builder Bangladesh. Sifat, a very food friend of mine compiled the write up along with some of his PC configurations (might come handy to some of you). Take care for now, keep clam, keep gaming.


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