Facebook Messenger is getting a complete overhaul – a simple look again

Facebook Messenger is one of the popular messaging app available on both Android as well as the iOS…

Facebook Messenger is one of the popular messaging app available on both Android as well as the iOS platform. The social giant added numerous features within a short span of time making it the bloated mess.

Facebook is now working on another big update for the messenger app but this time the company wants to look it simple AGAIN. Due to all these unnecessary features, messenger becomes one of the most distracting and irritating application at least for me. I personally prefer Messenger Lite over the main Messenger application because of superfluous features like games.

According to Messenger VP David Marcus, the refreshed version is coming very very soon but he didn’t reveal any particular timeline.

What’s new in the refreshed Facebook Messenger app?

Facebook Messenger redesign

The refreshed version of the messenger app looks more simple and elegant. There will be three central navigation tabs at the bottom of the app. This tab focus on communication. Those three tabs are chats, contacts and what looks like a compass icon. This compass icon can be the integration of Find my Friend into the messenger which actually makes a lot more sense.

Facebook Messenger redesign

At the top, you will find three icons also – camera, video call and compose. Just below this buttons, a search bar stands. The chat bubbles are also getting a redesign with gradient colors which actually looks pretty good.

Facebook Messenger redesign

One thing which still annoys me is the story tabs which is present even in the refreshed design. I don’t hate the concept of stories at all but we already have Instagram, Whatsapp and even main Facebook app for that. What users want is a clean messenger app which does the only thing is supposed to do i.e. messaging. Another thing which annoyed me a lot is the advertisement. If you are using Messenger then you might have noticed the ads. I hope with this redesign the social giant don’t force some advertisement to the users.

Again, the new messenger app is going to make its way on your smartphone very very soon. Let us know whenever you’ll receive the update by sending us an email.

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