Someone just made the island from the Lost available in Far Cry 5

Lost is a tv series which you might have already heard of. This hit TV series by ABC…

Lost is a tv series which you might have already heard of. This hit TV series by ABC is about a bunch of people got stranded on an island trying to survive. Wait, that sounds similar to Far Cry series. In both Far Cry 3 and the recent Far Cry 5, our protagonist got stuck in a weird island battling for his survival as well as others.

That same weird island from lost is now available to explore in the Far Cry 5 thanks to the inbuilt editor in the game. This editor is known as Arcade. It is a comprehensive level editor that allows fans to create maps for the multiplayer as well as single-player mode.

Explore the Island from ‘Lost’ in This ‘Far Cry 5’ Map

The map isn’t that big as seen in the TV series but it does have every single detail present in it. According to the modder, the editor is not that powerful to allow the huge amount of space. The best part everything from as small as Sun’s garden to all 9 Dharma Initiative Stations are included. This is kinda dope if you ask me.

This map is developed by a YouTuber who goes by the name Un-Break-AbleHe has a long 26-minute video giving you a tour of the island. One more thing which is worth noting is that the so-called canon locations which were featured in the Lost: Via Domus video game is not integrated into this map. Basically, the island totally resembles the one which was shown in the TV series instead of the video game. 

Apart from some limitations, this map looks like a great addition to the arcade. There is a catch though. This map is available only for PS4 users because it was created on the same platform. It is due to the lack of cross-platform support for the user-generated maps. You can still enjoy the map and see what this editor is capable of.

There are many other amazing creations by the fans which I will keep on exploring. I will definitely do more articles covering various other Far Cry Arcade maps.

Thanks for scrolling this article until the end. If you want to share something which we might have missed then comment it down. We would love to hear your opinions.

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