Best Android Apps You Should Try in May 2019

One thing which I like about using an Android smartphone is the availability of thousands of apps in the Play Store. To be honest, I love checking out new android apps especially those which can improve my overall user experience. Earlier today, I was spending a major chunk of my time on the Google Play Store trying to find some fresh apps to try.

Here I am at the end of the day with my top favourite best android apps which I would recommend you to try out this month.

Creative: Best Wallpaper App

Best Android Apps You Should Try in May 2019

CREATIVE: Wallpapers, Ringtones and Homescreen

I have tried so many different wallpaper apps in the past but the one which I am going to talk about now is nothing like the others. Creative is the best android app for wallpapers which I’ve tried so far. It’s got some AMAZING set of wallpaper, even for those with different taste. Their entire collection is unique and so far, I’ve not seen these wallpapers on any other website/app.

There are tons of minimal, fancy, lowpoly and even wallpapers with pixel pastel effects. The best part here is that with Creative you’re not just limited to wallpapers. You can explore the trending ringtones, home screen setups and can even edit your images – all from a single app.

If you’re someone who likes to customize your phone every now and then, this app is definitely worth checking out.

Edge Mask: Unique Notification Styles

Best Android Apps You Should Try in May 2019

EDGE MASK – Change to unique notification design

Now, I was not personally looking for any notification style app but after using it for an entire day, I am glad I did. Edge Mask truly lets you customize your notification completely. There are tons of notification styles in this app including the developer’s very own Ripple style. I am personally liking the bookmark style – it looks elegant, clean and minimal. Other styles include Big Icon style, Samsung Edge style and Apple message style.

Apart from the notification style, you can also get Samsung’s popular Edge Lighting effect on your phone. Another good thing about this app is that it lets you change app specific settings. Bored with dull notifications? Give this app a try.

Firefox Send: File Sharing App

Best Android Apps You Should Try in May 2019

Firefox Send (Unreleased)

Finding the best file sharing app is like nailing jelly to the wall until now. I came across with this “Early Access” app from Firefox. It’s called Firefox Send. The app allows you to share files with your friends with end-to-end encryption. You can send files up to 2.5GB in size which I guess is more than enough for the majority of users.

Firefox Send is free from all the annoying advertisements unlike some other similar apps (sneak dissing ShareIt). No ads might be because of the fact that the app is still at the early stages. As of now, enjoy this clean, minimal, ad-free and no doubt the best android app for sharing files.

Daywise: Notification Manager

Best Android Apps You Should Try in May 2019

Daywise: Schedule notifications. Be calm & focused (Unreleased)

Daywise is one of those apps which I am going to use a lot on daily basis. I’ve always been looking for an app to cut down the notifications which I receive daily. If you’re also been looking for something like that, then Daywise is made just for you.

With this app, you can block notifications but letting the important ones through. And Yes! you can see the blocked notifications later on. This app is perfect for those time when you’re productivity is taking a major hit and the reason for that is those ongoing unsettling notification pop-ups. Next time, use this app and get your work done effectively.

Aicut: Image Editing App

Aicut allows you to include two different filters on a single image. With this app, you can apply a different filter on the background and some other filter on the focus part of the image. Now, there are tons of good filters for you to play with.

Although selecting a particular part of an image is a little difficult since this app does not support zoom feature. Still, if you’re looking to do something different with your photo then Aicut is the app you need to check out.

Grow: Habit Tracking App

Grow – Habit tracking

Grow, aptly named, is a habit tracking app which allows you to keep track of your habit. The app is very simple to use and all you have to do is add a specific habit with a reminder time. Each day, at a set time, the app will remind you to take action on your habit. After each successful completion, the seed on your habit will grow to a plant.

The app is inspired from a similar yet different app which goes by the name Forest. Grow is a great and simple way to keep an eye on your habits and I would highly recommend you to check it out.

Enough about the apps, let’s jump right into the Android games for this month.


As the name suggests, Battle Text is an online multiplayer game which lets you play with bots or online player to see who can type out the longest word. The longer the word the higher the point you will win. The one who will reach the set point first will win the battle.

To make things a little challenging, you’ll have to come with words with the same letter the previous word ended with. Also, you can not put random words just in case you’re planning to try that out. Battle Text is a great way to flaunt, learn and expand your English vocabulary.

PinOut: Pinball Reinvented

PinOut is a refreshed version of a very popular game called Pinball. Pinball is one of those games which I used to play a lot in my school days. PinOut has a great graphics and good background music. Don’t forget to plug in your headphones during the gameplay.

Again to make this a challenging game, there are different levels and with each level, the game is going to get a little difficut and a little faster.

Armed Heist

Armed Heist is a bank robbery game in which you play a bad guy trying to pull of a massive heist. There are over 70 bank shooting challenges for you to try out. In this game, you have a team of AI friends which play along by your side and you have to face off the cops which again are AI players.

The 3D graphics of this game looks very great, especially on a big bright display. If you’re looking to try out some new third-person shooting game, then this might be worth checking out.

Even though is not the latest game, I still wanted to include this game on the list. This game is very simple yet entertaining making it a perfect way to spend that free chunk of time. In simple words, all you have to do is “Eat the world”.

In this game, you will be competing against either real or AI holes and your objective is to gain maximum point by eating the city. The more you eat the bigger you’ll grow. After the recent update, the game now lets you play with your friend but you need to be at the same location since it uses the Bluetooth connection.

If you haven’t yet tried out this game, then you should do it right now. I hope you’re going to love this game because oh man! I so do.

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