Intel is the world’s largest manufacturer of PC microprocessors and the holder of the x86 processor architecture patent. Founded in 1968, by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, It is dominating the microprocessor industry since then. Intel was placed at #56 on the 2015 rankings of the world’s most valuable brands published by Millward Brown Optimor.

In this article, we have compiled 10 amazing mind blowing facts about intel (irrespective of order) which you might not have heard of.

1. More Noise ??

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


Intel was initially named “Moore Noyce” after its founder but the name sounds more like more noise and hence the name was changed from Moore Noyce to “NM Electronics”. After a year, the name was replaced with Intel (INTegrated ELectronics). Another interesting thing was that Intel has to pay around 15000$ to a hotel chain named Intelco for exclusively using this name.

2. #1 Sponsor of Linux

10 Amazing Facts About Intel

Intel is now the no.1 sponsor of Linux contributions beating the Red Hat in 2015. The Linux Foundation, a nonprofit formed to coordinate Linux’s development and support Torvalds’ work, reported that Intel employees contributed more than 10,000 changes to the Linux kernel last year. That’s 10.5 percent of the total.

3. Largest Purchaser of Green Energy

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


Intel gets 100% of electricity from the renewable resources. Intel is the largest voluntary purchaser of green power according to the US EPA. The energy amounts to approximately 3.1 billion kWh. Apart from that, they have 18 on-sights solar plants at various Intel US facilities.

4. Working in the Clean Room

Intel manufactures all of its chips in a room called Clean Room which is many times cleaner than a hospital. Not only that, employees has to wear a special bunny suit to prevent any contamination. That’s interesting !!

5. 10Ghz Processor by 2011 

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


In the year 2000, Intel actually predicted that we would have 10Ghz processor by 2011. That prediction was on account of Moore’s law which states that “The number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit has doubled approximately every two years”. This was an observation made by Gordon Moore.

Interestingly, that doesn’t happen anymore. We don’t double the transistors now. We are using 3 Ghz processor for very long time because of unified architecture and GPU’s. We don’t care about Ghz for now and hence no one is focussing on that.

6. “i” in i3, i5 and i7 doesn’t stand for anything 

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


A person after searching the web for hours comes with up no explanation. Finally, he contacted Intel Tech Support. Here’s what they had to say

Hello Rich,

Thank you for contact Intel(R) Technical Support.

We have received your request. Please be informed that the letter ‘i’ on the model number of the Processor does not stand for any particular detail, technology or feature presented on the product.

This is just a marketing brand name decision. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us back.

Thank you for your understanding (sic).


Alvaro A.
Intel Customer Support

7. Intel once manufactured Watches

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


Intel was once into manufacturing watches and they acquired a company named Microma in 1972. Intel’s early Microma watches retailed for around $300, but prices fell significantly as the market for LCD watches grew. They quit the business when they realised that the technology had still not reached a point where the chips were small and powerful enough to do more than showing time in a watch. Intel sold Microma in 1978.

8. First microprocessor not manufactured by Intel?

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


Yes! World’s first microprocessor was not even manufactured by Intel corporation. It was a classified custom chip used to control the swing wings and flight controls on the first F-14 Tomcats. The F-14 CADC was a ground-breaking integrated flight control system developed by Garrett AiResearch. It was used in early versions of the US Navy’s F-14 Tomcat fighter.

9. Intel helped AMD to remain in business.

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


Intel actually allowed AMD to stay in business to avoid being called a monopolist by regulatory authorities. Whenever AMD got ahead, Intel would turn up the heat and when AMD’s share fell to 5%, Intel would let up again. AMD was a small but viable competitor that Intel could point to, wide-eyed, and say, “There! We’ve got one. You can’t say we’re a monopolist.”

10. Isn’t it amazing?

10 Amazing Facts About Intel


The transistors used in Intel 3rd generation core i5 and i7 was so small that you could literally take the width of human hair and fit 4000 of them into it over a hundred million of these transistors could fit into the head of a pin.

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